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Private Utility Locates at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Senior Project Manager Alfredo Espinal scanning and marking utilities at Dodger Stadium

As electric cars become more and more economical and more and more popular on our roadways, charging station providers have been doing everything they can to keep up with the demand. This has been especially true in Southern California which has been one of the earliest mass adopters of the technology. This has led to a large amount of projects which require utility clearance prior to trenching and directional boring for electrical and communication conduits from their source to these distribution stations. The latest project that Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC - GPRS - of Southern California was asked to participate in involved new charging stations at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

GPRS routinely helps with these type of utility scanning projects for various contractors throughout California. The specific scope of work for this project consisted of scanning two large parking areas where these new electrical and communication lines will need to be routed to feed the car charging stations. With a high profile location like Dodger’s Stadium it is important to make sure that your private utility locating provider uses the best tools available to limit the possibility downtime for linestrikes. GPRS performs locates of all types, but also ensures that ground penetrating radar is used on every single project as GPR can provide great information on unknown and non-conductive pipes that have been long forgotten about at historic places like Dodger Stadium.

The areas in question were on opposite sides of the parking lot and had the same amount of charging stations being installed. GPRS was able to locate electrical lighting at 2’ deep, locate irrigation at 1.5’-2’ deep, locate sewer at 8’ deep, locate water at 4’-5’ deep and locate communication lines at 3’-4’ deep. In doing so, the client was able to safety route their trench through the parking lot and greatly minimize their risk of having costly repairs and the risk of outages at the stadium. All findings were marked and labeled on the surface at the time of the scan with paint and GPRS was also able to provide mapping in the form of a CAD file that allowed the contractor and the property to ensure this information would be available even after the work was completed.

GPR scanning is a great tool to use for post tension cables, rebar, and conduits in addition to the application seen here involving a scan for underground utilities prior to digging or excavating. With that being said, it is just one tool used by GPRS on their projects. They will do everything they can to give their clients the most thorough results possible. In addition to ground penetrating radar, they will utilize electromagnetic locators, traceable rods for sewer lines, and magnetometers. They also provide a wide variety of mapping options such as the CAD files provided for this project or Google Earth overlays that will allow you to view our findings in the free Google Earth program. GPRS has offices throughout the entire state of California and performs projects in cities like; Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, Lancaster and the greater Los Angeles area.

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