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Post Tension Cable Locating - Monterrey, CA

Post Tension Cable Locating - Monterrey, CAGround Penetrating Radar Systems of California was called out to Monterrey, CA to scan a concrete slab that had post tension cables in it. The contractor needed to saw cut a trench in the slab to lay a new conduit. The contractor started saw cutting without investigating what was in the slab. Luckily the saw cutter stopped and asked the contractor if he knew if the slab consisted of rebar or PT cables. After they had discussed that they did not know for sure, they hired GPRS to scan the slab. GPRS mobilized quickly to the site and located all reinforcing steel in the area of the contractors saw cut. GPRS revealed that the slab was strictly a post tension cable slab and they came extremely close to cutting a post tension cable.

Digital concrete imaging is a quick and easy way to locate post tension cables in concrete prior to saw cutting or core drilling. The process is extremely fast due to its live feed system, which means the targets are marked out on to the surface of the concrete as they are located (in real time).

To receive a custom specification or to learn more about concrete radar in the Northern California region, contact your local representative at   |   408-201-4110.

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