Subsurface GPR Scanning GPRS California  

Locate Rebar at Long Beach City College
in Long Beach, California

Concrete Rebar
These red crayon marks were made by a large,
well-known testing company.
The black marks were made by GPRS.
Which would you rather have at your next project?

GPRS was asked to locate rebar at Long Beach City College. Dowel rods were going to be drilled into existing concrete walls in order to further reinforce the buildings
prior to renovations and modifications.
A well-known testing company had first performed the work with subpar results, then GPRS was hired to redo the project. We used Ground Penetrating Radar to accurately locate both mats of rebar throughout the concrete walls. GPRS marks rebar grids and locations clearly so that you are never left guessing or trying to interpret our markings. We can also use GPR to perform non-destructive testing to locate underground utilities, conduit, post tensioned cables, UST’s, and voids.

Locate Rebar Concrete

Jamie Althauser using ground penetrating radar to locate rebar in a concrete wall in Long Beach, CA. For projects in Los Angeles counties call 310-427-1358 or for San Diego county call Jamie Althauser at 858-395-1085 or

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