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Ground Penetrating Radar Utilized to Locate Water Line
- Near Sacramento, CA

A plumbing company was asked to fix a water line that had a break in it somewhere, causing water pressure issues as well as water to pool at the bottom of a hill at a Nordic heritage campground. The water line was installed by volunteers and there was no record where the line was actually installed. After digging many holes and not finding the water line that ran down a mountain road and through a meadow, the camp contacted a plumbing company to find and fix the line from the road through a large meadow and the plumbing company contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Sacramento to scan the area and locate the water line as well as any other utilities in the area. GPRS used a 400 MHz antenna for the project that allowed for precise locating of the water line and other utilities. The plumber was then able give a solid estimate as to how much the water line replacement project would cost.

Ground Penetrating Radar Utilized to Locate Water Line

To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in the Sacramento area, contact Project Manager, Mike Brown, at 916.539.6492 or

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