Subsurface GPR Scanning GPRS California  

GPRS Utilized Ground Radar and Radio Detection to Locate Underground Utilities at California Wind Farm

Underground Utilities Located at California Wind FarmGPRS was asked to locate underground utilities in the Mojave Wind Farm. The contractor was going to widen existing access roads and needed to ensure that they would not damage existing electrical lines or other utility pipes during excavations. GPRS was able to use ground penetrating radar to locate the underground utilities. We painted and flagged their locations on the surface. We also used GPS technology to plot the locations of our findings and then overlaid them onto a GoogleEarth image.

Jamie Althauser using ground penetrating radar to locate subsurface features and underground utilities at the Mojave Wind Farm. For projects in Los Angeles counties call 310-427-1358 or for San Diego county call Jamie Althauser at 858-395-1085 or

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