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GPRS Uses Ground Penetrating Radar to
Locate Underground Utilities

Palomar College recently used GPRS to locate underground utilities prior to their excavations for an upcoming construction project. They wanted to know locations for all underground utilities and piping so that their project could be properly planned. GPRS uses Ground Penetrating Radar to locate all types of pipes, including metal, PVC, and concrete pipes. We also use Radio Detection in conjunction with GPR on all of our projects. Radio Detection can detect live power or communications signals or can be used to place a tracer tone onto pipes.

On this project, GPRS used both of their utility locating methods to find as many utilities as possible around the perimeter of the entire building. By using two methods, we are able to maximize the number of utilities that are able to be located and better determine the type of utility.

Ground penetrating radar provides extremely accurate locations for any item it is able to locate. For this project, we then produced a CAD drawing of all of our findings. This gave the client a permanent record of their utilities. We can also use GPS technology to record locations which can then be overlayed on a drawing or Google Earth image.

Jamie Althauser using ground penetrating radar and Radio Detection to locate subsurface features and underground utilities. For projects in San Diego counties and all surrounding areas call or email Jamie Althauser at 858-395-1085 or

GPRS Uses Ground Penetrating Radar

Determine Location of Underground Utilities




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