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GPRS Locates Unmarked Graves
– Los Angeles, California

This month (December 2012) Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS) worked to locate the perimeters of graves and unmarked graves at a graveyard in Los Angeles, CA. Records of old graveyards are sometimes not maintained both on a small, private scale and on a large, corporate scale. GPRS has been called to locate unmarked graves on several occasions in Southern California. Sometimes a graveyard needs to know how much space they have to work with beneath GPRS Locates Unmarked Graves In Los Angeles, Californiathe ground and ground penetrating radar can be very useful for determining the edges of existing graves. Findings can be marked with small flags or whiskers so as not to disturb the ground. GPRS was recently used in a lawsuit against a graveyard to determine whether or not graves were being properly maintained. GPRS was able to provide the client with the critical data that they needed to win the case.

GPRS utilizes the most cutting-edge and up-to-date GSSI GPR equipment which emits no radiation and presents no safety hazards to the client or environment. Findings can be marked directly on the surface of the object being scanned with no wait time for processing or developing. GPRS can help you locate post-tension cables, rebar, conduits, and underground utilities prior to core drilling, saw-cutting, or trenching. Please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems - GPRS to learn how we can assist with your project. GPRS has offices throughout the entire state including Los Angeles and San Diego. Please contact Jamie Althauser at 714-944-3018 or to learn more about ground penetrating radar and how GPRS can assist in your projects.

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