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Concrete Scanning with Ground Penetrating Radar

When planning either a renovation or repairs in a concrete structure, there is the risk of encountering rebar, conduits, and post tension cables during cutting, coring, or drilling. A GPRS technician provides the technology and technical proficiency to help clients complete their project safely and on budget. GPRS technicians are highly trained, fully insured, and have the industry’s best experience in order to provide accurate and professional scanning. GPRS can scale its services to meet the project size, from a large 3-week construction project to a one-hour locate project. GPRS has highly trained professionals in all major markets in the U.S. as well as in Canada. GPRS’s extensive network enables our technicians to respond quickly to all job requests, in most cases within 24 hours.


Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar:

Detection of Reinforcing Steel

GPRS trained technicians are able to locate rebar or post tension cables within the concrete using GPR technology. A grid will be marked directly on the work surface to ensure safe and efficient drilling that will preserve the integrity of the structure and reduce the need for repairs or patching, ensuring that clients can conduct core drilling and repairs without accident, injury, or delay. GPR scanning is a useful tool when preparing for a renovation that includes electrical outfitting, plumbing, fire protection services, drain installation, or duct work.

Detection of Embedded Electrical Services

When drilling in commercial and industrial locations, accurate detection of electrical conduits is essential for preventing safety risks, power outages, and expensive damages. GPRS provides comprehensive scanning and detection services prior to drilling and cutting which allows clients to avoid conduits and to drill safely into and through concrete slabs.

locate post-tension cables
locate electrical services

Mapping Reinforcing Steel

Utilizing the latest software, GPRS will provide a qualitative assessment of your concrete structure by plotting the strength of reflection in its rebar. As we overlay the resulting data directly on your floor plan, you will be able to identify the exact location of bar corrosion and degradation. 

Concrete Deterioration Mapping Concrete Deterioration Core Drilling

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Training and Safety:

Safety is a top priority at GPRS.  All of our technicians receive extensive on-site training, attend a mandatory manufacturer's training course, and complete OHSA 10-hour construction training.  Specifically, our new technicians ride with senior technicians to observe each application and learn to interpret the GPR data.  After completing the manufacturer's training course, the technicians will return to the field with the senior technicians who now act in a supervisory role as the technicians hone their skills and prepare to enter the field fulltime.

Before you begin your construction or digging project, please contact your local GPRS sales representative.

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