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Below are Some of the Many Benefits to Using Ground Penetrating Radar in Southern California

GPR is an underground scanning technology that benefits our clients in Southern California in many ways, including:

  • Ground sonar can show the location of underground reinforcing steel.
  • Ground sonar scanning shows the location of most buried utilities.
  • GPR can determine the approximate thickness of buried concrete and the uniform thickness of the entire slab of buried concrete.

Please note that the effectiveness in depth is dependent on soil composition, moisture content, size of piping, material of piping, among other factors.

As a general rule of thumb a target needs to be one inch in diameter for every foot that it is buried. For example for us to see a 4" diameter pipe, it would need to be within 4 feet of the surface.

Ground Penetrating Radar of Southern California can provide detailed reports and underground scans showing the exact location of buried concrete structures, buried conduit, plumbing, rods, fiber optic cable, and any other buried or hidden underground objects.

Ground radar is also an incredibly safe method for locating buried objects. Ground Penetrating Radar of Southern California reduces your risks because:

  • Ground sonar operators will know where the buried conduit is located, thus reducing the risk of electrocution or GPR equipment shutdown.
  • By using ground sonar to locate buried utilities, your risk of cutting through underground utility lines is substantially reduced along with possible expensive repairs.

The quality of our underground images and the professionalism of our ground sonar technicians is guaranteed by Ground Penetrating Radar of Southern California.

Please contact the professionals at Ground Penetrating Radar of Southern California today for help in locating hidden underground utility lines. Our GPR scanning experts will quickly and efficiently put GPR technology to work for you.

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