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Long Range Laser Scanning

BIM Model of Refinery

At GPRS, we often get questions about and requests for 3D laser scanning. Laser scanning produces accurate, detailed scans in a short amount of time with minimal interruption to workflow. Because of its accuracy and efficiency, laser scanning is ideal for engineers, construction managers, and civil planners, as well as those who work in building/historical preservation.

In laser scanning, laser light is used to map physical features of an area through multiple scans and is useful for renovations to existing buildings and new construction projects. Raw data is produced in the form of point clouds. Then, with specialized software, models can be rendered that aid in a number of different industries, such as architecture and historical preservation, hospitals and universities, refineries, municipalities, energy manufacturing plants, and waste water treatment facilities.

Some of the services offered by 3D laser scanning include the following:

3D Laser Scan Industrial Facility
3D Laser Scan Industrial Facility

High-definition 3D laser scanning can be used to quickly and accurately survey the interior and exterior of structures and their landscapes, giving highly accurate and detailed information with spatial dimensions, pipe sizes, structural details, and more. High-definition surveying can be used on as-built construction to view what possible additions or reconstruction would look like. It can also be used to survey building projects, to assess the accuracy of the construction against the plans

Additionally, laser scanning is helpful in municipalities, energy facilities, manufacturing plants, and other kinds of facilities where there may be a great deal of equipment and where changes and additions to the facility frequently take place. The software can analyze the point clouds to determine where new pipes or other apparatus can be constructed without obstruction, referred to as clash detection.

Laser scanning is quick and can be done with minimal disruption to workflow. For example, roads and intersections can be scanned with little impact on traffic. Similarly, laser scanning can be used to determine the size and position of antennas on cell towers without surveyors needing to gain access to the tower. The scans are done from the ground quickly, safely, and accurately, saving both time and money.

If you are interested in learning more about 3D laser scanning, please contact
TruePoint Laser Scanning, LLC.
at 419-843-SCAN (7226) or sales@truepointscanning.com.


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